Dual Mac Mini Rack for Catalyst media Server

We’ve now added another rack-mounted Mac Mini catalyst media server to our rental stock. – This latest investment is licensed to run Catalyst v4 Media Server or Qlab. The system incorporates 2 latest Mac Mini Servers as Main and Backup. The racks usually stay in a standard format and are ready to go on our day to day shows- Whether it be running Sound Playback and/ or Video Playback running Qlab 3 software, or running as Catalyst Media Servers for our Led Video walls and Colourweb

We are happy to customise the rack too, depending on the client or the show requirements.

These are sure to become good workhorses for our day to day events. With dual machines to ensure a smooth running backup gives that piece of mind that is required any event.

The Mac Mini Server Rack has the standard specifications as below.

  • 8U Flight cased Rack.
  • 2x Mac Mini 2.3GHz Quad Intel Core i7 processor. (4 cores) (Housed in rack mount hardware)
  • 1TB System Hard Drive
  • 120GB Solid state Drive (Content Drive)
  • 2 x DVI Distribution Amplifiers
  • 2 x DVI Parrot EDID Managers
  • Switchers/ Scalers -custom dependent on requirements.
  • 2x Audio interface (Motu or as specified)
  • Licensing for both machines- A) Qlab Pro Bundle (Audio and Video), B) Catalyst Dongles- All versions available.
  • 4x 22in monitors- 1– Server A programming, 2– Server A Output, 3– Server B Programming 4– Server B Output

Be sure to contact our team to discuss your requirements we have a variety of Mac server racks of different sizes and capabilities depending on the need and power required.