Intelligent Lighting Hire Inventory

Moving Lights: Washes and Spots

Spots Vari*Lite 2600 Profile Robe BMFL Blade Robe Robin Mega Pointe
Washes Robe Robin 1000 Led Beam Robe Robin Spiider Martin Mac Aura XB
Conventional Lighting
Profiles Selecon Zoom 15/30 degree Profile 600w Selecon Zoom 25/50 degree Profile 600w
Fresnels Selecon Acclaim 6-60 degree 650w Selecon Rama 7-50 degree
Parcans Thomas Shortnose Par 500w (Silver) Thomas Shortnose Par 500w (Black)
Birdies Birdie MR16 50watt (Black) 6 way 300 watt 12 volt Birdie Transformer
Working/Task Lights 5′ Fluorescent Vapourproof Batten Desk Lamp
Standard accessories available. Eg. Iris’, Barndoors, Gobo Holders.

Blinders (Molephays and Sunstrips)

10 lamp Showtech Active Sunstrip (DMX)
2 lamp Showtech Active 2 Lamp Molephay (DMX)
Led Pars and Battens
LED Parcan Lanta Orion Sunspot DMX RGB Lanta Fireball Quad RGBW
LED Battens Color Force 72 MKII Lanta Aurora 1000 v.2 (RGB Batten)
Lighting Desks
MA Lighting MA2 onPC Command Wing c/w Computer (2048 parameters) MA2 Light (4096 parameters) MA2 2-port Node Pro (1024 parameters)
Dimmer Zero 88 Alpha Pack 2 (3 Channel) Zero 88 Beta Pack 3 (6 Channel) Avolites Art 2000 (48 channel)
Data Distribution and Processing (Buffers, Hubs, Nodes)
DMX Buffers  Proplex 8 way DMX Buffer (A+B Input) Pulsar 8 way DMX Buffer
MA2 Networking 2 Port Node (Pro/ onPC 1024 Paremeters)
Ethernet Switches/ Hubs  TP Link 8 way Ethernet Switch  Chroma Q Etherswitch 7
Artnet  Proplex IQ One 8-4 sACN / Artnet Node Artistic License DMX- Artnet converter Data Lynx I/P

Power Distribution

Single Phase Rubber Box Distro 63amp inlet – 8 x 16amp ceeform (individual RCBO Protection with overall Double pole RCD)
Three phase Rubber Box Distro 63amp inlet+ Through Socket – 6 x 16 amp ceeform (individual RCBO Protected)
63 amp inlet – 12 x 16 amp ceeform paired with 2 x Socapex (individual RCBO protected), 1 x 32amp 3 phase outlet (RCD/MCB Protected)
125 amp inlet – 18 x 16 amp ceeform   paired with 3 x Socapex (individula RCBO protected), 1 x 63amp 3 phase outlet (RCD/ MCB Protected)
400 amp Powerlocks inlet + through link – 2 x 125amp 3 phase ceeform (adjustible RCD protected + MCB), 2 x 63 amp 3 phase ceeform 3 phase RCD + MCB protected), Digital Meter Monitoring
72 way Socapex Distro (Indu Electric)

Transformers (Heavy Duty)

75 kVA 3 phase Step up Transformer (208v in – 400v out) (USA Cam Lok in 125A Ceeform out)
Cables: Data, Mains and Heavy Mains
DATA – DMX, Ethernet, Colorweb, Scroller etc. Data Cables Data Cable Adaptors Click here to see our comprehensive cable stock list
LOW VOLTAGE  Miscellaneous, birdie cable etc.
MAINS – Single + Three Phase Mains Cables Mains Adaptors
HEAVY MAINS –  Single+Three Phase Heavy Mains Cable Heavy Mains Adaptors

Led Screen and Creative Displays

LED Screens (6mm   Pixel Pitch) EL6 600mm Module EL6/ NovaStar LED processor EL6 Accessories
LED Screens (9mm   Pixel Pitch) ES9 Semi Transparent 600mm Module ES9/ NovaStar LED processor ES9 Accessories
Low Resolution Effects Colorweb 250 1m Panel Colorweb PSU (20 panels via artnet) Colorweb Accessories

Media Servers, Switchers and Scalers


SAMSC (Catalyst) USB Dongle Pro- Full 32 Layers/ 8 mixes USB Dongle Express- 6 Layers / 4 Mixes  USB Dongle Lite- 2 Layers / 4 mixes
Figure 53 (Qlab) Full Audio/ Video Licence (PRO Bundle)
Hardware/ Computers/ Accessories Mac Mini   Dual system (Main/ Backup) Mac Pro Server 22in LCD Monitor
Motu Hybrid Sound Interface 4 way Composite Capture Card DVI Capture Card
MIDI-Mote 5 Button Midi Controller Midi Merger MIDI Splitter Cables
Our media servers are configured as a customised flight cased rack with relevant hardware specific to client / production   requirements

Smoke Machines, Hazers and Effects

Haze   Machines MDG ATMe Hazer Unique 2.1 Hazer DF 50
Fans Antari Martin AF1
Smoke Machines Martin ZR33
Strobes Egg strobes (ES cap) Diversatronics Martin Atomic
Mirror balls + rotators 30cm Mirror Ball c/w rotator 50cm Mirror Ball c/w rotator 100cm Mirror Ball c/w rotator
Festoon Cable 10m Festoon 20m Festoon Custom length Festoon
Snow Machines Little Blizzard DMX snow machine
Confetti Cannon Le Maitre Air cannon Coloured Glitter Confetti


Wind up stands Doughty Easy Lift 30kg SWL   (Black)
Wind up stands- Heavy Duty VMB TE-76  Towerlift 6.5m   220kg SWL (Black)
Stand accessories Big Ben clamp (28mm Spigot – Half Coupler Truss adapter 28mm Spigot to 2 x Half Coupler VMB 35mm Adaptor – 28mm Spigot Receptacle
Boom Arms Doughty Derig 500mm Silver
Bow Shackle 3/4 Tonne 1 Tonne 2 Tonne 3 Tonne
Spansets- 2 Tonne 1m round 2m round 3m round 4m round 6m round
Steel Drifts Various
Scaffold Clamps Coupler- 90   Degree Rigid Coupler- Swivel Internal Joiner External   Joiner Gravlock (RSJ   mount)
48mm Scaffold Pole Custom Lengths


Prolyte H30V Truss   Section 0.25 m 0.5m 1m 2m 3m
Prolyte H30V Corner 3way corner
Proylyte H30V accessories Base Plate Eggs, Pins and Clips Truss Hammer + Podger
Litec Pre Rig PR 60 (Black) 3m
Truss UK- Runway Truss (Silver) (With embedded track for LED Screen automation
Lite-deck Staging, Steps and Hand Rails
Lite Deck Staging 8’x2′ Litedeck 8’x4′ Litedeck 4’x4′ Litedeck
Lite Deck Hand rails 4′ Hand   rails 8′     Hand rails 100mm Bolts, nut and washers
Lite Deck Steps Steps Step bar Step Braces Step   hand rails
Lite Deck Accessories Eggs,     Pins and Clips Bolts,   Nuts, Washers- for coupling Bolts, Nuts,   Washers- for hand rails Castors   (for rolling risers)
Scaffold Legs Custom Lenghts to suit


Motor Hoists and Controllers

1T D8+ Lodestar (25m HOL) ½ T D8+ Lodestar (25m HOL)
12 Way Motor Controller 4 Way Motor Controller

Access Equipment

Step Ladders Fibreglass- 6 Step Fibreglass- 8 Step
Zarges ‘A frame Ladders’ 10 rung Zarges  12 rung Zarges
MEWP 30’ Genie Personnel Lift