Intelligent Lighting’s Team of 6 continue to tour China

Since a successful 3 tours earlier in the year around China (‘Spirit of Broadway’, ‘Rock around the Clock’ and ‘Dancing Queen’), we are pleased to have returned with another 2 teams touring ‘Hooray for Hollywood’ and ‘New Jersey Nights’, both on a 12 week tour.

Its a pleasure to be back visiting a vast amount of China’s amazing cities and theatres- Our teams have adapted well to integrate western performance values into the Chinese culture.

Working closely alongside the Promoter’s touring crew and translators, we have a fantastic working relationship with each theatre and a fast and efficient setup period of the shows. Its great that we now have a rolling opportunity to continually tour China.

As well as the supply of the core crew from the UK – (Lighting, Sound and Stage Manager) we have also supplied each show with a dual Qlab media server solution which runs as a main and backup system for the shows Music and AV projection playback. We usually keep at least 1 spare dual system in China- If you are touring a show here and need playback why not give us a call to discuss your requirements? Or even if you want to take advantage of our crew’s first hand knowledge of the customs and work ethics of Chinese theatre, why not get our crew onboard to assist with your shows in China?